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March 1, 2019

I'd like to shoot a major motion picture in your backyard.

Where you might be creatively stuck

ornamentally saturated

with the kind of beauty that makes me wonder if it's real

lounging in your stories

of broken and repair

with all the wisdom from despair

tearing up checks fro...

September 12, 2018

I am devoted to growth and change. It's the only way to survive as a creator of music and stay healthy in this body.  Staying inspired , getting up in the morning with the burning desire to play music, swim in the ocean, walk new trails, cook and create great food, dri...

July 19, 2018

A Berklee summer sessions student came to me for a private lesson asking for help with her ensemble charts. She did not know  any forms for most of the chords in the tunes. The charts required a lot of Min 7 flat 5, Dom 7 flat 9 flat 13 , Ma7 9 #11 which worked through...

March 15, 2018

I love Wayne Krantz's playing. He has a cool thing going . I heard him say recently that if  he could give advice to  his former self he would say to" forget theory and just join a hip hop band".  My reaction to that is- well, if it was 1986 and you aren't interested i...

September 22, 2017

I am about to show my age, it doesn't matter. When I helped my daughter move into her dorm room at college recently, I told her that when I was her age the first thing Everybody would do when moving in was figure out where the speakers are going to go. "well, you were...

This is excerpts from a text conversation I had with a friend. I'm only adding a few of my own points........................................ In Europe last year, the second biggest meme next to "Brexit" was "Heyye"(pronounced Hu-go) . A danish word meaning comfort. It is a concept being conveyed as a new cultural revolution particularly in the work place and how business is done. You see it some in the way google and amazon treats their employees. But it is representing a wider picture of home, work, life, all for the sake of comfort, happiness, and fulfillment for each individual life. As all needs are taken care of and continually inspired to be productive in a thoughtful way. Music would be a part of the furniture, the meal, the home, the art, the food, the inspirational medium, the daily connection and inclusion for people. As it is now, but in a more organic inclusive way with no price tag or manufactured fame to put false value on it. The organic impact of music's true purpose is not conveyed in digital reproduction. Analog was a stretch, but it still maintained some visceral impact. I think in about 20 years people will have stopped using digital reproduction for music. The interest is disappearing now because digital has reduced music to a less potent medium. Its a subtle thing but its happening. The huge devaluing of music reproduction is the beginning of the end. People are not good at talking about the visceral impact of music and are not good at talking about the lack of it either. People thought steve jobs was some kind of genius for introducing a tiny device which could download and store thousands of songs practically for free . In this glut, nobody mentioned that the quality of the sample rate is so one dimensional that just the basic information of the music is conveyed rather than the actual vibrational occurrences which make the most potent magic of music. After several generations have grown up listening in that format, the understanding, appreciation of the musical experience is no longer a valued or understood thing for a very large part of humanity. What I'm alluding to is a completely non capitalist value of music. It will be a reflection of quality of living, comfort, sharing of information, like great cooking, art, furniture in each home and places of business now run like beautiful homes for all content working inhabitants. My utopian ideal as the fall of capitalism begins and perhaps the digital revolution's dismantling of the system is the first step towards it.

July 19, 2017

July 6, 2017

The metaphor in Music-everything is vibrating, everything has rhythm and a tone. 
I don’t speak Japanese but I have heard that in all the dialects of the Japanese language there are no nouns. Only verbs. This refers to all objects as being in motion.  Or more accu...

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September 12, 2018

September 22, 2017