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I am devoted to growth and change. It's the only way to survive as a creator of music and stay healthy in this body. Staying inspired , getting up in the morning with the burning desire to play music, swim in the ocean, walk new trails, cook and create great food, drink perfect coffee, roll in conversation that clarifies and acknowledges your purpose and assists in doing that for others. This makes me want to make more new music. I was once driven by phone calls from my rep at Warner Chappel publishing to write songs for specific purpose and artists. There was some money in it. So I developed some crafty song writing chops. I wrote a whole catalog of tunes that have been recorded and many which have never been heard. I stopped because it felt like I was sending a whole lot of energy and purpose out there with nothing in return. Some would say that the only way to be successful is to keep doing it.

Some would say the definition of insanity is to continue doing the same thing and expecting different results. My way of maintaining sanity is to play. I keep playing and keep growing. I occasionally write new tunes and have some big pieces of music which I wish I could get performed. That is art of the next evolution. A few years ago I went and lived alone in the jungle of Dominica with a Flamenco guitar intending to develop enough new technique to take my music into a new place not completely defined. I did this because I had to, in order to stay healthy. I did another 3 months a year later.

I want to play for people who crave an organic rhythmic, tribal, connection but with the discipline of great improvisers and composers.With a spiritual connection that some would call healing. My stories continue to expand, the music continues to grow and change. I want to play this music rather than rockin the Blues bars that have continued to be my mainstay for years. . The hard part is building new connections in an unfamiliar world.

A musical partner who shares the same aspirations, discipline, and vision would be nice. Or maybe that already exists within myself

o's out there?

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