I hope you will stay relevant by ignoring media, and irrelevant media stars, Hollywood clamor, and the daily propaganda designed to keep you worried and tuned in. Shut it off. Tune it out.  You are what's relevant.

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"Darkness into Light"
I recorded this duet with myself during quarantine while in Paris.
I am so grateful for the inspirational beauty and surrounding history of humans at their very best that Paris expresses to me.
The first half of footage was taken during darkness of quarantine in March, April, May and the second half is after quarantine in June.
There is hope. The world is still beautiful.
The chord progression is based on the traditional flamenco ballad 'Una Noche Mas” but the melodies, improv and middle section are my own doings.
As a guitarist it is important for me to learn some of the vocabulary of Flamenco music which is where all guitar music is originally derived. But I don't pretend to compare this with a true Flamenco guitarist. I hope you feel it the way I do.

Paris Lockdown-
Tinnitus has been keeping me from sharing music during lockdown. But yesterday I managed to throw together my arrangement of the Beatles "And I Love Her" for you.
Hello from Paris! Stay safe and healthy!
Here's a new song written during quarantine about something that I'm sure is on most people's minds right now.It's called Money Comes In Handy Down Here.

Haitian Divorce - Chris McDermott
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"Dirty Work"

Chris McDermott Reimagines the music of Steely Dan


“A powerful mix of soulful styles with surprising guitar virtuosity and good writing. Not to be missed!”…..Jim Elgar, Village Voice


"Growing up outside Philadelphia Chris Mcdermott has been touring and playing the United States and Europe for over 30 years. "With an incredible range of talent backing him up, you get the craziest salmagundi of sounds that you've heard in quite a while, but it manages to work throughout." Blending new and old, "Chris' live performances are what it is all about showcasing masterful musicianship, fire, funk, and fun." (midwestrecords.com)


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In Europe doing gigs and recording!


28.11 Thursday Delta blues bar- Sofia
30.11 Saturday Monroe acoustic cafe-Sofia
6.12 Friday Ten fingers-Burgas
7.12 Saturday Melon live music club-Veliko tarnovo
12.12 Thursday Try C-Sofia
13.12 Friday Patches blues bar-Sofia
14.12 Saturday BeeBop cafe-Plovdiv

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